Tests & Testimonials



Louise has extensive knowledge of the benefits of food nutrition and helps to adapt this t o to your personal needs AND likes, in order to gain optimal health rather than it just being to put a bandaid over the problems. 

This has been incredibly beneficial to me and will pave the way for optimal health now and into the future. Thanks Louise!! 

Nicole Childcare Director

"My weight hasn't been this low in decades!"

I'm eating food I enjoy. My daily SNACKS are easy to carry with me at work, low cost and delicious. My health is top priority again.

 Justin Project Manager

My doctor was concerned about my blood-sugar levels and diabetic symptoms. Louise's prescribed specific nutraceutical powder, modified fasting and dietary changes that worked around my weekly café outings and my cooking abilities, had my blood sugar results reduced by a 3rd in 3 months. 

Tony Retired Business owner

the TEST reports

DNA swab test takes 3 minutes to complete. The report you can refer to for the rest of your life. As you move through different life stages your support plan will change and the most important genes to focus on change.

Your yearly GP blood tests are another useful test that gives us a nutritional guide to to your current health status. 

Regular fasting until you are 80 years old is going to support your body and lessen the chance for chronic disease to set in. The modified fast is beneficial for most people.