The food pharmacology Experience

Food Pharmacology has been offering nutritional advise since 2018. Louise Parslow provides men and women in their 40's + who are interested in personalised nutrition, a way to look and feel their best. I work with food lists (basic recipe's if required), to support optimal performance. I am here to support your vision to unlock your inner best-self as you age. The use of practitioner only nutrient TGA approved support, is one of the quickest ways to achieve this and limits the expense wasted on fad-marketing.

I have completed extra studies in group exercise, pilates, yoga & zumba to incorporate into your online experience. Additional neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy for ideal weight & overcoming habits are modalities woven in to your treatment plan to keep you from getting stuck and keep you progressing.



The wintery SAD’s and unwarranted low mood and lows that lead to comfort eating and over-consumption or sugary pick-me-ups and alcohol or drugs.


Simple steps that can see blood results in 4-6 weeks. Even if you are working with your GP and dietitian. Try my dietary program. 



One of 2 variety of tests and a consultation or DNA package will support you to understand the triggers and avoid unpleasant food interactions in the short-term. 

Then moving to a long-term approach will assist with increasing the variety of foods in your diet that you know will not cause you issues.


Symptoms of bloating, burping, gas, odour and toilet frequency, feeling heavy or tired after eating or pain can be helped with a consultation or DNA package. 

Your added commitment to a diet diary will uncover some unexplained and unresolved issues.


Treatment plans for high BP or cholesterol, along with diabetes are my favorites to  treat. 

The symptoms are silent, regular check-ups at your chemist or GP will help you to notice what you have.



Diagnosis for high cholesterol is important because it has no other outward symptoms. 

Be sure to consult with your doctor before beginning any form of supplementation, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or are currently taking any medications.  


Wakefulness during the night, difficulty getting to sleep, difficulty maintaining sleep or waking unrefreshed are some of the mild but incredibly disruptive symptoms that keep you from making good food choices.


Including symptoms of anxiety, of emotional extremes between sad and anger over small things, or hot flashes and sleeplessness may really improve with diet lifestyle changes. 


I've been there before.  I've had my unanswered question about pain, and it was resolved through knowing my genetics and how to trigger a better outcome. My exercise routine needed adjusting, and I needed to add a few different foods and eat at certain times to prevent it. I see this in my with my clients all the time. The lightbulb moment when my clients discuss the report and how it makes sense of their symptoms. Amazing! 

 Carbohydrates and starches: The report will show if you have trouble with the starch in carbohydrates. This is important for weight control, because knowing your individual limit when eating particular common starch foods.

  • Breads, grains, and pasta
  • Nuts and legumes
  • Starchy vegetables
  • Milk and yogurts
  • Fruits
  • Snack foods
  • Sauces and condiments

Everyone is so different. Some do well on potatoes and rice, others will really struggle with any or others process them moderately. Knowing even when to eat makes a difference to processing those foods. We look at all the genes that support your digestion, the ones involved in exercise when it comes to heat, inflammation and recovery, cardiovascular, hormones, mental health, skin and we discover what your weakest system is. And how to get the best out of it with the specific supplements and lifestyle / exercise routine that will lower risks and symptoms.

A Few Things About Me 

Family support is in Melbourne and Adelaide, Australia. I went back to work and studying once my 2 children reached school age. I didn't know how to fix my marriage, so I 'fixed' myself and my kids' health as I completed Nutritional Medicine. I got meaning back to my life seeing first hand the impact diet plays in your health.  

Activity and love for gym. I love to dance and my dance gym classes are a steady source of happy hormones for me. . 

Bringing the outdoors in. Plants in every room give me joy especially as I spend a lot of time in my home. I have a constant struggle over over-watering and underwatering them, so I can't say I'm entirely a success there.

Spirituality and connectedness. Being part of the community is important. Church, singing and mixing with people recharges me. 

Prince Charming. My cat doesn't get a lot of attention from me, but is a source of entertainment as he tries to gain my attention. 

Food. I often cook for one or a table full of guests and family. I love cooking. I shop widely for produce and trial different types of traditional foods. My dishes are rarely repeated exactly the same and quick to prepare.